Acne Cure Diet

Acne Cure Diet. Acne and diet – proven acne diets that work! Foods that cause acne and foods to avoid if you have acne.

Monitoring your diet is an important way to control acne outbreaks. Certain foods are especially likely to cause acne, while others can help improve your skin condition.

Foods that Cause Acne

Avoid high glycemic foods

Foods with a high glycemic index cause a rapid rise in blood glucose levels upon consumption, leading to a rapid release of insulin, which in turn contributes to acne. You might notice that those who are obese tend to also have acne problems. Hence, avoid refined grain products, sweets and especially soda.

Avoid iodine

Iodine worsens acne problems by typically causing pores to swell. Hence, with regard to curing acne and diet, avoid foods such as shrimp, sea vegetables and any form of iodized salt as far as possible.

Avoid beer

Beer typically contains hops (to give it its aroma and flavor), which increases dark spots and causes acne and melasma.

Acne Diets

Acne and Diet: Vitamin A rich foods

Vitamin A rich foods help regulate oil secretion and improve acne conditions. Excellent sources of Vitamin A include cod liver oil, shellfish or liver.

Acne and Diet: Anti-inflammatory foods

Excellent anti-inflammatory acne cure foods include eggs, salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil, wild game, cod liver oil. For vegetarians, plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids are not exact substitutes of animal sources of omega-3 fatty acids, but foods such as flaxseeds and O-Mega-Zen3 should be sufficient.

Acne and Diet: Plant phytonutrients

Foods with plant phytonutrients help protect against skin cancer. Important phytonutrients include lutein (found in spinach, kale, broccoli), lycopene (found in tomatoes).

Acne and Diet: Antioxidants

Antioxidants are also important in any diet. The best sources include blueberries, green tea, oranges, cherries.

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