Symbolic Meaning of Colors

Flag Color Meanings

Symbolic meaning of colors. Meanings of flag colors, rose color meanings, choosing paint colors with the right meaning.

Ever wondered about flag color meanings and the meaning of rose colors? The pages below will help you decipher what colors mean on roses, flags, paint, hair and more. Hair color meanings can be very subtle.

Meaning of Different Color Roses

Different color roses and different numbers of roses can mean significantly different things. How to interpret the meanings of different colors.

Meaning of Color Red

What the color red means. Red roses, red flags, red hair – do they send different messages?

Meaning of the Color Pink

What the color pink means. And is hot pink different from other shades of pink?

Meaning of the Color Yellow

What the color yellow means. Why we see yellow on warning signs and what yellow roses mean.

Black Color Meaning

What the color black means. What does it say about you if you wear black all the time?

Blue Color Meaning

What the color blue means. Why blue is the color of the sky and the meaning of the color.

Meaning of the Color Green

The color green is soothing, healing, relaxing. Green is the color of nature. What else the color green means.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Combinations for exterior paint colors and what they mean.

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