Black Color Meaning

Black Color Meaning. What is the meaning of the color black? What does black symbolize?

Meaning of the Color Black

Black has many associations. It can be seen as the color of solitude and despair, but it can also convey a sense of power, nobility and elegance. It is a mysterious color that creates an impression of distinction.

Black has a sophisticated character, and is well suited to high-quality products such as perfumes and wines.

Meaning of Black in Advertisements

In advertising, black is usually the color of choice because of its usefulness in establishing contrast. Black and red or black and orange make for very aggressive and powerful color combinations.

Gray Color Meaning

Perhaps the ‘dirtiest’ color, gray evokes a sense of fright, age and death with its paleness. Nonetheless, metallic gray conveys a sense of strength, exclusivity and success.

White Color Meaning

The color which opposes black. While black represents the absence of all color; white represents the presence of all color. White symbolizes calm, peace, silence; those who meditate or practice yoga tend to prefer wearing white to match their mental state. White is an excellent matching color for all other colors, as it creates an impression of depth and wholeness.

White is the color of snow, and is thus associated with coolness and cleanliness. White is usually associated with hospitals and medical products.

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