Bank Owned Real Estate

Real Estate Investment

Bank owned real estate. How to make money in real estate with your real estate investments.

Investing in real estate can provide another excellent source of income. Bank owned properties can be very lucrative if you first perform all due diligence on the property.

Make Money in Real Estate

Making money in real estate is possible for everyone. How to get started on your first real estate investment property.

Big Money in Real Estate

Making big money in real estate does not have to be a pie in the sky. What it takes to find motivated sellers.

How to Invest in Real Estate

What to watch out for when investing in real estate. Figure out the chess pieces you need to succeed as a real estate investor.

Real Estate Investing Tips

More real estate investment techniques and strategies. Dealing with bank owned properties, Seller financing, no money down, options and more.

Real Estate Hard Money Loans

If you are certain of the investment opportunity but are short of cash, real estate hard money loans may be a way out.

Equity Sharing

Equity sharing refers to the joint purchase of property and can be an excellent way to invest if you have identified a good real estate investment but lack only the capital.

Negotiation Techniques

Negotiation techniques. The real estate negotiation tactics detailed below can save up thousands, if not millions of dollars on the largest deals. These powerful negotiating techniques will help you always leave as little money on the table as possible!

Real Estate Negotiations

Real estate negotiations. Here are some of the most powerful real estate negotiation strategies used by moguls such as Donald Trump and Robert Shemin.

Real Estate Contract Negotiation

Real Estate Contract Negotiation. Real Estate Contracts can vary drastically depending on whether they were drafted on the buyer’s or the seller’s terms. It is always better for you to get the real estate contract drafted on your terms.

How to Generate Leads

How to generate leads? Successful ordinary and bank owned real estate prospecting requires discipline, determination and a little patience. Here are some of the most effective real estate lead generation tactics.

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