Free Marketing Plans

Marketing Plan Example

Free Marketing Plans. How to market successfully with guerilla marketing, long tail marketing and more.

Marketing plan example to help you get started especially in internet marketing and information marketing. Sample marketing plans in multiple areas, marketing plan sample to get you started.

Information Marketing Techniques

Powerful information marketing techniques that will get you on the way. Develop a marketing plan based on these marketing principles.

Information Marketing Business

How to start and profit from an information marketing business.

Information Marketing Products

Information marketing products that work. Learn from these success examples.

Gorilla Marketing Strategy

Gorilla, or guerilla marketing, first coined by Jay Levinson, is one of the most powerful marketing ideas to storm the marketing world. Importance of guerilla marketing weapons such as the niche, logo, theme, business card, identity.

Long Tail Theory

Understanding the long tail theory developed by Chris Andersen is the first step to understanding the difference between marketing now and marketing before. The long tail revolutionizes current thinking.

Long Tail Marketing

Long tail marketing puts the long tail theory to practice. Marketing plan example and more sample marketing plans to get you on your way.

Google Adwords Tips

Google Adwords Tips. How to make money with Google Adwords. Strategies and techniques.

Best Selling Item on eBay

Best Selling Item on eBay. How to find the best selling items and top selling items on eBay.

How to Write Press Release

How to write press release. Free marketing plans for press releases. Writing effective press releases is not difficult – once you grasp the following important principles.

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