Information Marketing Products

Information Marketing Products, Information Marketing System. What types of information products are usually marketed? A quick rundown on the most common ones:

Electronic Reports

Usually less than ten pages long, these reports address specialized topics within a niche area. Sometimes, there are simply given away free as a way to generate leads.

Tip Sheets

This is a one page cheat sheet with highly specialized and condensed information. It is jam-packed with as much how-to information as possible with minimal descriptions.


Usually thirty to a hundred pages long, e-books are shorter than actual books but longer than electronic reports. E-Books tend to include hyperlinks that can be directly clicked on. Audio books are also a popular alternative for those constantly on the move.

Seminar Transcripts

These transcripts can contain extremely high value information. Sometimes, they are marketed as free add-ons as part of an attractive bonus package.


Weekly, fortnightly or monthly, newsletters are increasingly being marketed and sold digitally. Newsletter subscriptions generate an excellent stream of income, but the newsletters need to constantly deliver on its promise of high value information.


Speeches and Seminars

Recorded speeches and seminars make good information products. Both audio and video versions should be made available to reach different types of audiences.


Interviews with experts are also very well-received. The entire tape should run for at least an hour to make the audiotape feel ‘substantial’.

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