How does Car Insurance Work

How does Car Insurance Work? Expert Advice on how does auto insurance work and the most important car insurance questions.

How does Auto Insurance Work

What do auto insurance policies cover?

Auto insurance policies cover three main components: liability, collision and comprehensive components.

How much car insurance should I purchase?

This car insurance questoin is best answered by breaking car insurance coverage into the three main components:

Liability Coverage

It is highly advisable to purchase as much liability coverage as possible. While the initial cost of liability coverage is steep, subsequent increments are relatively inexpensive. Liability coverage divides into three main categories: per-individual, per-accident and for property damage.

If your liability coverage policy is a 90-200-40 policy, that means that the policy covers up to $90,000 in damages inflicted upon someone else, up to $200,000 for everyone involved, and up to $40,000 for the value of someone else’s automobile. Generally, with the rising prices of automobiles, property damage coverage should be at least $100,000.

Collision Coverage

The collision and comprehensive components offer protection for your own automobile. Collision coverage protects you against any possible loss or damage of your vehicle in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects you against the loss of your vehicle in events not relating to accidents, such as with regard to theft, fire or floods.

Auto insurance policies also usually include a mandatory component which protects you against damage inflicted upon you by people who are uninsured, and additional coverages for miscellaneous fees such as medical payment, possible car rental, and vehicle towing.

How does Car Insurance work?

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