Save on Auto Insurance

Save on Auto Insurance. How to save on car insurance? Most effective ways to help you save money on car insurance.

How to Save on Car Insurance Tips

Raise Deductibles

If you are looking to save on car insurance, the best areas to save on are the collision and comprehensive coverage components. By raising the deductibles on these areas, you would be able to save while also minimizing risk.

Special Discounts you didn’t know about

Also ask about additional discounts you might be eligible for due to a variety of reasons: a good driving record, membership in affiliated organizations, membership bundle discounts if you also own other insurance polices with the same company, and so on.

Get a Loss Damage Waiver

If you are looking to rent a car, this is the one component that you should definitely consider getting covered for. Why?

If you damage a rented car, rental companies can bill you rather unreasonably for ‘loss of use’ – rental revenues foregone while the car is due for repair. This might extend over a few weeks, usually longer than the amount of time actually required for vehicle repairs. Thus, this is a risk that you should try to minimize by spending a little more for the loss damage waiver.

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