What are Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund Definition

What are Hedge Funds. How hedge funds work and how hedging investment strategies work. Hedge funds are actively managed private investment funds that invest for absolute returns.

Looking to invest in hedge funds but not sure about what the hedge fund definition is in the first place? The following articles will introduce you to what is a hedge fund, hedging strategies and decision factors to pay attention to when investing in a hedge fund.

Define a Hedge Fund

A more thorough hedge fund definition that you will find helpful.

Hedge Fund Strategies

Hedge fund managers employ special strategies as they invest for absolute returns. Here are some of the major ones.

Hedge Fund Manager Compensation

Compensation for hedge fund managers has been a hot topic for a long time. Learn about how hedge fund manager compensation can affect your hedge fund investment.

Regulation of Hedge Funds

Regulating hedge funds is an important but also immensely difficult tasks. What are hedge funds being regulated on now. How hedge fund regulation has been enforced thus far.

Types of Hedge Funds

There are different hedge fund types with various investment styles. How to choose the type of hedge fund that fits your investment strategy best.

Why Hedge Funds

Why hedge funds may or may not be a good part of your investment portfolio.

What is Arbitrage

What arbitrage is and why investors try to take advantage of arbitrage.

Arbitrage Investing

Arbitrage investment is one strategy that hedge fund managers use to increase returns. How this works and why this works.

Examples of Arbitrage

More arbitrage examples to elucidate the article on arbitrage investing.

Hedging Strategy

Hedging strategy when investing in stocks.

Definition of Hedging

What hedging is and how hedging works.

FX Hedging

FX hedging can reduce or increase the risk of your futures investments. What can swing it one way or the other.

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