Financial Investment Advice

Financial Investment Advice. The best financial advice gleaned from multiple financial gurus. Financial planning advice to help you achieve your financial goals.


How do Annuities Work

How annuities work and whether annuities are an appropriate investment for you.

Pros and Cons of Annuities

Advantages and disadvantages of annuities. More factors to consider when evaluating annuities as a potential investment.

Single Premium Annuity

What single premium annuities are and why they can be useful.

Understanding Annuities

Background on annuities for the curious.

What is a Variable Annuity

What are variable annuities? Another type of annuity to consider.

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation for Individuals

Asset allocation strategies for the individual investor – financial investment advice to take heed of.

Asset Allocation Calculator

How to calculate asset allocations for your portfolio.

Asset Allocation Model

What asset allocation model may work best for you? Here are some suggestions to consider.

Asset Allocation Theory

In order to develop your own viewpoint on asset allocation, first seek to understand the basic theory behind asset allocation.

Recommended Asset Allocation

What some leading authors in the field have to say about recommened asset allocations.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection Information

In addition to learning how to grow your financial assets, another piece of financial investment advice to keep in mind is that it is just as important to learn how to protect your assets. Information on the asset protection vehicles available.

Asset Protection Strategy

Asset protection strategies that the rich use.

Avoid Estate Tax

Reduce estate tax expenses by considering these strategies.

Captive Insurance Company

Learn about the work of captive insurance companies.

Definition of Trust

A trust defined.

Setting up a Trust

What it takes to set up a trust.

What is a Living Trust

What a living trust is and reasons to set up one.

What is an Irrevocable Trust

What an irrevocable trust is and reasons to set up one.

Divorce Asset Protection

How to protect your assets in the event of a divorce.

Exempt Assets

Learn which assets are exempt, and why.

Form a Limited Liability Company

How to form a LLC and why it can be beneficial.

What is a Family Limited Partnership

What a family limited partnership is and reasons to consider setting one up.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement

What a prenuptial agreement is and how it protects you.

What is a Charging Order

What a charging order is and when it is an important tool to have at your disposal.

Financial Statements

How to analyze financial statements. One piece of financial investment advice to remember: Learning to read financial statements is key to successful financial investment. Advice on key metrics to pay attention to.

Calculate Current Ratio

What a current ratio is, what it tells you about a company, and how to calculate current ratio.

Compound Interest Formula

What the formula for compound interest is.

Compound Interest Tables

These compound interest tables can be helpful when you do not have a calculator with you.

Debt to Equity Ratio Calculation

What the debt to equity ratio is and how to calculate debt to equity ratio.

Debt vs Equity Financing

What each type of financing tells you about the company.

Financial Statement Example

Example financial statement and how to read it.

How to Read Financial Statements

More strategies to help you read financial statements

What is a Balance Sheet

What a balance sheet is and why investors pay so much attention to it.

Reading a balance sheet

Close balance sheet analysis was one of the hallmarks of Graham-style investing, and an important piece of financial investment advice he often gave. How to read balance sheets.

Return on Assets Calculation

What return on assets is, how to calculate ROA and what to take away from the number.

What is Return on Equity

What return on equity is, how to calculate ROE and what to take away from the number.


Calculate Mortgage Payments Formula

Formula to help you calculate mortgage payments and find out your monthly mortgage payment expense.

FHA Reverse Mortgage

What is a FHA Reverse Mortgage and more.

Home Mortgage Finder

Finder to help find home mortgages.

How to Save on Mortgage

A mortgage is easily the largest expense for most households. How to save on mortgage expense.

What is a Reverse Mortgage

What a reverse mortgage is and whether to use it.

What is Refinancing

What refinancing is and whether you should consider refinancing.

Tips on Refinancing

If you are interested in refinancing, here are some important tips.

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