Best Way to Invest Money

Best Way to Invest Money. What are the ways to invest money? Here are the best ways to invest money – the exact same strategies used by Warren Buffett himself, and other successful investors such as Robert Kiyosaki.

Best Way to Invest: Diversify, or not?

The richest man in the world Warren Buffett famously said, “Diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense if you know what you are doing.”

Instead, the best way is to focus. Interestingly, FOCUS can also stand for Follow One Course Until Successful.

Average investors follow the common advice to work hard, get out of debt, invest for the long term and diversify. The truly wealthy investors do more – they make use of leverage, and know the difference between good debt and bad debt. They are not afraid to use good debt to help them build their wealth.

Best Way to Invest: How Warren Buffett invests

What is Warren Buffett’s approach to investments? The Oracle of Omaha focuses almost entirely on the intrinsic value of the stocks he buys.

How do you invest? Do you buy low and hope to sell high – do your emotions go up and down as quickly as stock price movements? Warren Buffett does things differently: he is most concerned about the price when he buys the stock, but he pays much less attention to price afterwards. That is because he sees the intrinsic value of each stock he buys; he does not just buy shares – he buys businesses. While many investors try to ‘play’ the market, Warren Buffett does not.

Best Way to Invest Money

The best way to invest money is to invest only in what you know – choose one of the investment vehicles that you like most, and as much about it as possible. And learn only from the most successful investors: if you are investing in stocks, learn from Buffett; if you are investing in real estate, learn from Trump. They each have published many books that instill their wisdom and experience.

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Stay away from mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds is actually extremely risky. They are not required to fully disclose their finances; you will thus not be able to get an accurate picture of the true financial status of the company. Losses can easily be covered.

Also look into what happens when you actually invest in mutual funds. The mutual fund company stands to gain most of the returns (and only has to share a portion of the profits with you), while it assumes zero risk as it does not have to put up any capital.

On the other hand, you assume 100% of the risk as you put up 100% of the capital. Yet, you receive only a small portion of any potential profits. Do you see why mutual funds hardly make financial sense now?

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