Day Trade Futures

Day Trade Futures. Why Day Trading Futures will make you good money.

As Bernstein notes, here are the main reasons why futures day trading is attractive:

Day Trading Futures: Small Start-up Capital

Futures trading requires relatively small start-up capital. You can generally get started in futures trading with as little as $10000, and thus can easily get your feet wet in the futures market.

In particular, futures options trading requires even less startup capital. However, small accounts are difficult to learn trading with, as you would be taking larger percentage risks on each trade; there is thus less room for error on small accounts.

Day Trading Futures: High Leverage

Futures allow you to take advantage of the power of leverage. Typically, a future contract can be purchased or sold for only 1 to 3 percent of its total value. A 100-troy-ounce metal contract at $500 per ounce has a cash value of $50,000, but it can be bought for only about $2500. You can thus use $2500 to control $50000; the power of leverage extends to the maximum when you trade futures.

Day Trading Futures: High Volatility

Unlike some slow moving stocks, futures tend to exhibit highly volatile behavior. That means that you make both quick gains and quick losses – you can win or loss big many times daily in futures trading.

Day Trading Futures: High Liquidity

A benefit that accompanies high volatility would be high liquidity. Futures markets tend to be highly liquid, so you can get in and out of them easily. Futures transactions are extremely active, so you can get out and get in usually within seconds.

Day Trading Futures: Futures Vehicles

Futures vehicles allow you to take advantage of the futures market in various ways. These vehicles include options, spreads, option spreads, futures versus options spreads, and more. In the UK, LIFFE allowed futures trading in individual stocks, while in the US, the Single Stock Futures Market allows the same hybrid advantages. Traders can thus buy and sell futures contracts on stocks by using less margin than would be necessary if they attempt to purchase stocks outright.

Day Trade Futures

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