How to Start Small Business

Opening a Small Business

How to Start Small Business. List of small business ideas and best small business to start.

Starting a small business can be an excellent way to create another source of income. The following articles include a list of small business ideas, best small business to start, tax advice, management strategies, sales strategies, advertising strategies.

Small Business Advertising Strategy

Most small business owners are stingy on advertising. But small business advertising, especially if done well, can drive growth tremendously. How to make small business advertising work.

Small Business Tax Advice

Small businesses are in a unique tax situation that affords them slightly flexibility.

Small Business Location

Location location location. How to determine the best location for your small business.

Best Online Shopping Cart

Example of an online business innovation. More on the online shopping cart.

Why do Small Businesses Fail

Why do some small businesses succeed while others fail? Learn from the mistakes of those that failed.

Top Small Business Ideas

List of small business ideas that work. Decide on one that fits you best.

Loans from a Bank

Small businesses often eventually need to borrow from a bank. How to go about negotiating loans and secure credit for your home business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

Franchising is another great means of starting a small business by latching onto a proven business model. Pros and cons.

Most Profitable Franchises

Which have been the most profitable franchises so far. Should you get your slice of the pie?

How to Get More Customers

Customers are consumers. Consumers drive the consumption cycle. How to get more customers regardless of the economic situation.

Keeping Customers Happy

Keeping your customers happy is key to retaining them and generating repeat revenue. How to keep them happy, busy, and connected with your small business.

Sales Management Strategies

Sales management techniques and tips that you can apply in your small business.

Sales Marketing Strategies

How to start small business: sales marketing techniques and tips that you can apply in your small business.

Free Sales Strategies

Sales techniques and tips on how you can maximize sales and therefore revenues.

Joint Venture Examples

Examples of joint ventures. Investigate them further and see if joint ventures are the way to go for you.

Negotiating Joint Ventures

The negotiation of joint ventures can be both exciting and daunting. What to look out for and why.

What is EZine

What an eZine is and how you can leverage the power of eZine marketing as you learn how to start small business.

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