What is EZine

What is ezine. Starting an EZine: Creating EZines, EZine startup tips.

What are ezines? EZines are newsletters sent via email. They typically contain short snippets of information that can be read easily in one reading. At a loss of ideas for your e-Zine? Here are some ideas:

Creating EZines: How-to snippets

Teach your subscribers how to do something; everyone loves practical information.

Creating EZines: Offer Tips and advice

Tips and advice will always be welcome. Help your subscribers: help them take advantage of opportunities and avoid expense.

Creating EZines: News

Industry news, the latest trends and events your subscribers should and would want to know about.

Starting an EZine: Share your Milestones

Let your visitors know if you have hit any important milestones: making your first $1000 online, hitting the 100 visitor per day mark, celebrating your site’s 3rd anniversary, and more.

Starting an EZine: Testimonials and Customer stories

Post testimonials or stories from delighted visitors to your web page. These stories build credibility for you and further pre-sells your e-zine subscribers.

Starting an Ezine: Post Interviews

Interviews with any industry expert or anyone who has found success applying your ideas make good, interesting material most of the time. Be sure to include biographic information.

Post Quizzes/Trivia

Ask intriguing questions that visitors will be curious about. Get them to post the answers on your web site / site forum, and you have yet another discussion running! Contests are also an excellent way to build interest.

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