Write Good Resume

Free Resume Formats

Write Good Resume. How to write a good resume that gets you the job and internship. Resume format, resume outline, resume objectives, resume styles.

Free resume formats and resume key words to use when writing your next resume. Also, learn how to excel at the job interviews and how to write the cover letters.

Cover Letters for Internships

How to write a powerful cover letter to go along with your resume. Cover letters are read even before your resume, so they are your first chance to make a good impression.

Benefits of Internship

Advantages of internships. Why you should consider doing internships over your college summers.

Informational Interview Questions

Informational interviews are a great way to discover if a particular job or internship is a good match for you. Important questions to ask at the informational interview.

Find Internship

How to find an internship that not only pays the most, but suits your career plans best.

How to do Resumes

How to write the best possible resume. Free resume formats and resume key words to follow.

Professional Resume Format

How a professional resume typically looks like. Resume format to follow.

Resume Words

Powerful resume key words to include in your next resume.

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