Cover Letters for Internships

Cover Letters for Internships. How to write cover letters for internship. Internship Cover Letters Samples.

Internship Cover Letters

Some recruiters say that cover letters can be even more important than the resume itself. Your cover letter will be read before your resume, so if you write a poor cover letter, your resume might not be read at all.

How to write a Cover Letter

Here are quick guidelines on how to craft a killer cover letter:

Find out who to address the letter to

This person would usually be the head of HR or the director of the department you plan to work in. Find out the full name of the person, check the spelling online and make sure you get his or her full job title.

State why you are writing

In one to two sentences, succinctly state the department and job title that you are interested in. Be specific and get to the point.

Describe what and how you would contribute

This succinct paragraph should summarize your greatest strengths as they relate to this particular company. Show how your skills, abilities and experience will allow you to contribute on the job.

Note the distinction here: instead of bragging about your achievements, you must link your skills and experience directly to how you would contribute on the job. If you can put this point across directly and effectively, you will almost certainly land the interview.

End with a call to action

Let your addressee know what you want from them: to schedule an interview. Let them know that you will follow up with a phone call or a email in one to two weeks.

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