Best Beach in World

Best Beach in World. Which are the Best Beaches in the world? List of the top 5 most beautiful beaches.

‘The’ Best Beach in the World: Seychelles

Even though you might not have been to this beach, you would have probably seen photographs of this famous beach. Some call this the best beach in the world. The pale pink sands are contrasted by the gigantic granite boulders in the background. This beach is also protected by a reef, so the waters are calm and tranquil; they are relatively shallow.

Beautiful Beach: Lanikai Beach

Lanikai beach is one of Hawaii’s most famous beaches. Protected by a coral reef nearby, the water here is deep green, calm and peaceful. With palm trees swaying over almost a mile of sparkling sand, there is no better place for you to let loose entirely and simply sway along with the breeze.

Beautiful Beach: Maldives

The perfect place for snorkeling, the Maldives is exciting both above and underwater. Made up of 26 atolls from 1101 islands, the Maldive islands form a beautiful archipelago that make it a favorite destination for beachgoers and snorkelers alike.

Beautiful Beach: Kauna’oa Bay

You will find this bay on Hawaii’s Big Island. Almost a quarter of a mile long, this crescent-shaped beach is an ideal spot for surfing, snorkeling and sunbathing. The expanse of the white sands, the palm trees and the turquoise water make for an almost mystical experience.

Beautiful Beach: Fraser Island, Australia

A World Heritage Site, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. There are numerous ecological treasures: with rain forests, flora and fauna, the world’s largest sand island, excellent lodgings – a traveler’s paradise.

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