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Format for Writing a Resume

Different resume formats highlight different strengths and weaknesses. By far the two most common resume formats are the chronological resume format and the functional resume format. Which format should you choose? Here’s are quick guidelines to help you decide:

Chronological Resume Format

The chronological resume format is ideal for you if:

  • You have had a strong career progression, and wish to apply for a similar position that extends from your current career path.
  • You have had impressive employers with big names that boost your credibility.
  • You are searching for international employment.

Free Format for Resumes

The chronological resume format is much more revealing than the functional resume format. It tells your employer exactly what you have been doing in your life over the past few years. If you have had an impressive career to show for it, a chronological resume format would be very flattering.

With this format, you would group your job positions by employer, with the most recent employer listed first. Under the subtitle, you would list the different ways in which you have contributed to each company.

Functional Resume Format

The function resume format is ideal for you if:

  • You are deciding on a different career – a new function within the same industry, or a different industry altogether.
  • You have just returned from a hiatus of a few years.
  • You have a lot of relevant volunteer experience.
  • You have had an unstable work history with career switches and employment gaps.

Job Resume Format

The functional resume format is skills-based, and groups your relevant experiences according to your abilities. This format places less emphasis on your employment dates, past employers and job position. Thus, it is ideal for those with a mixed and unstable career history.

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