Find Internship

Find internship. How to find an internship that suits you best? Find an internship easily through these sources of internships.

Internships are now the norm. Instead of starting only in college, many students start in high school, so they can gather enough work experience in the career paths they are interested in. How do you take advantage of the best internships available? Here are the best sources of information:

How to Find an Internship

Google and the World Wide Web

Websites you should definitely check out:,,,

Also be sure to Google your specific industry of interest for internship opportunities: ‘banking internships’, ‘copywriting internships’, ‘nursing internships’, and so on.

Career Guidance Office

The career guidance office is an especially important source of the most competitive internships. For example, some of the largest investment banks recruit interns exclusively from the top colleges in the nation. Summer internships will have early deadlines, so be sure to check with the office early and often.

Research Associations and Professional Associations

Here’s another advantage of joining these associations early: access to internships. Employers would often be more willing to hire interns who are already members of the same professional associations.

Finding Internships: Teachers and Professors

Many of your professors have excellent industry contacts. They will be able to inform you of internship opportunities as they arise. And if they are also willing to write you a letter of reference, you can easily secure that dream internship.

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