How to do Resumes

How to do resumes. Tips on writing a resume that will get you whatever position you desire. Writing the perfect resume.

Building a resume is an essential skill everyone needs to develop. Even if you intend to become an entrepreneur some day, a resume would still be handy to help you get your foot in the door.

Tips on Writing a Resume: Tailor your resumes

Do not send generic resumes that really say little about your area of specialty. Instead, rearrange the items on your resume to highlight different sides of you to different companies. Different industries also emphasize different skills: the banking industry may not be that interested in your passion for public service; the engineering industry may not be that interested in your interests in drama and acting.

Objective Statement

An excellent way to tailor and focus your resumes would be to include an objective statement. As you would read about on QuintCareers, “the objective statement can be as simply and straightforward as the title of the position you’re applying for, which can be adjusted for every job you apply for.” A good way to phrase your objective statement would be, ‘To contribute my analytical and writing skills and experience to your firm in the capacity of a market analyst.’

Building a Resume: Research the key words

Similarly, scan through your resume and note the type of keywords that you are using. Use the ‘industry lingo’ as far as possible. If you are applying for a finance-related internship, instead of just stating ‘experience with data analysis’, describe your experience with Bloomberg and Excel – including one or two specific details will make you stand out.

How to do Resumes: Do the ‘one minute’ test

I learnt this trick from Linsey Pollak’s excellent career advice book. The best way to ‘test’ your resume is to pass it to any friend or random acquaintance, and give them just one minute to read through your resume. Then, ask pointed questions about what they learnt about you, whether they know what type of position you are interested in, what your greatest strengths are. If they only have a vague idea, it is time to refine your resume further.

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