Informational Interview Questions

Informational Interview Questions. Informational Interview Tips. What to ask at an informational interview?

Informational Interview Tips

Information interviews are an excellent way for you to help decide on your future career path. Should you be an entrepreneur, an investment banker or a management consultant? The best way to find out is to simply arrange for an interview or an informal meet-up session with someone who has already treaded the path you are thinking about.

Informational Interviews

In order for you to learn as much as possible from each informational interview, make sure you follow these tips:

Let them talk about themselves

Shine the spotlight on them, not yourself. People love to talk about themselves; the better a listener you are, the more likely you will get extremely valuable information.

Informational Interview Questions

Though your interviewee may be very passionate about his or her field of expertise, you need to ask the right questions to help you get the best possible picture of the career path you are considering.

Here are some topic areas you should almost certainly ask about:

Daily Routine

Describe a typical day at work, main responsibilities, who do you deal with on a day-to-day basis


Why did you choose this field, why did you take up this position

Getting prepared

How did you develop your professional interest in this area, how did your college experience prepare you for what you are doing now, what publications, events and organizations should I get involved in if I am considering a career in this area?

The Magic Question

And the magic – if you had the chance to choose your career all over again, would you choose the same path? Why?

Ask for even more sources of information

Finally, make sure you ask if your interviewee would be willing to connect you with others who might be able to offer even more advice. This is a brilliant way to help you get in touch with the right people quickly. And with an introduction from your interviewee, your chances of arranging a meet-up with the other person would be much higher.

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