Free Sales Strategies

Free Sales Strategies. Effective sales strategies of top salespeople that you must know to achieve success in sales.

Effective Sales Strategies 1: Be a good listener

One of the best distinguishing characteristics of top salespeople is that they are also good listeners. Salespeople who do all the talking and never let the prospect say anything will probably fail. Do not overpower your prospect with your personality; the only thing that will then happen is that your prospect feels overwhelmed and prefers to stay away from you.

Effective Sales Strategies 2: Be sincere and friendly

Express genuine interest in what your prospect has to say. See yourself as a friend who is there to genuinely help your prospect solve his or her problems. If your prospect finds you friendly and approachable, you have a sale coming your way. Customers rarely buy from salesmen they find distasteful for various reasons.

Effective Sales Strategies 3: Take notes

As you are prospecting, do take notes. For one, it conveys the impression that you are professional, organized and concerned about your prospect’s interests. At the same time, taking notes will also make you focus on solutions to your prospect’s problems. It helps you listen carefully to what your prospect has to say, and increases your credibility in the eye of your prospect.

As Schiffman says, ‘You’ll find it works like nothing else on earth. Make your prospect feel as important as a movie star giving an interview, or a political candidate holding a press conference.’

Successful Sales Strategies

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