Sales Management Strategies

Sales Management Strategies. How to manage sales successfully. Most important management methods for sales people.

Plan the day efficiently

As Schiffman notes, here are the most important time management tips for sales people:

  1. Don’t waste hours planning you time when you could be speaking with clients. Plan your day the evening before.
  2. Prioritize your goals. Don’t just start filling out a schedule willy-nilly one evening; make a list of all the things you want to accomplish, then rank them in the order of their importance before you include them in your schedule.
  3. Leave time for crises. Scheduling every day to the brim will cause you to slip from your plan. We all know that strange, unpredictable problems have a way of cropping up from time to time. Leave an hour or so open at the end of the day to manage sudden difficulties. If no crises arises, you can always move on to your next priority item.
  4. Get up fifteen minutes earlier than you do now – and give yourself a positive charge of energy in the extra time. Starting the day in a rush gets things off on a bad start. Begin the day with a positive affirmation: ‘This is going to be a great day.’ Eat a good breakfast. Listen to pleasant music. Stay away from reading or listening to the news first thing in the morning; it’s too depressing.
  5. Buy and use a doctor’s appointment book – the kind with the whole day marked off in fifteen-minute increments. This approach will help you avoid the temptation to allocate vast chunks of your day to vaguely defined goals when you assemble your to-do list.

Sales Management Strategies

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