Sales Marketing Strategies

Here are some of the best sales marketing strategies I have gleaned from Schiffman’s excellent book, 101 Successful Sales Strategies.

Sales Marketing Strategy 1: Be obsessed

As he says, ‘for my money, the most crucial word in sales today is obsession. Close behind it are two supporting ideas, utilization and implementation.’ The words of wisdom here may take some time to digest, but the rationale is clear. When you become totally positively obsessed with your work, you will become highly successful in sales. You will become so dedicated to the idea that you can satisfy a customer with your product or service that your customers will also be so convinced.

Marketing Strategy 2: Utilization

Similarly, once you are obsessed with your work, you will have no trouble perfecting the skill of utilization: making use of everything at your disposal to increase your success. The most successful salesmen are also those who are the most resourceful in identifying customers’ needs and solving their problems.

Sales Strategy 3: Implementation

Never fall into the ‘paralysis of analysis’. In sales, you are either making a sale or you are not. Do not get bogged down with overpreparation; just get down to it. Basic strategies aside, sales tend to go by the numbers; the most successful salespeople have probably been turned down many more times than the least successful ones.

Marketing Strategy 4: Think of yourself as a problem solver

Think of yourself not as a salesman, but as a problem solver. Think about how your product or service solves problems for others. That is a much better approach to sales than to attempt to hard-sell your product to your prospects. No one likes to be hard-sold. Your sale will come naturally once you convince your prospect first that he does have a particular problem, and second that your product or service will help him to solve that problem.

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