Joint Venture Examples

Joint Venture Examples. Examples of Joint Ventures, Forms of Joint Ventures.

Forms of Joint Ventures

There are many types of joint ventures, from the common affiliate program to more complicated endorsement arrangements or joint efforts in building a e-commerce presence.

Examples of Joint Ventures with your Competitors

This is an interesting way to think about joint ventures. Every business will have unconverted prospects. For some reason, some customers will choose not to buy a particular website’s products or services. If you form a joint venture with your competitor, you can explore different ways to tap into this already presold group of customers. If, for some reason, you are able to monetize those prospects but not your competitor, a joint venture will translate into more profits for both you and your competitor.

Examples of Joint Ventures with Complementary Websites

These websites do not compete with you for business. They serve the same audience, but they serve different needs of the same audience. Someone buying a camera may also be interested in photography books, photography magazines, camera accessories such as tripods and memory cards – these products are complementary; they do not compete with one another for business. Find a list of companies that offer complementary products and services, and explore ways you can do different forms of cross-promotion so both of you benefit.

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