American Mutual Funds

Best Performing Mutual Funds

American Mutual Funds. Investment strategies on how to pick the best mutual fund for you.

Investing in mutual funds in America can be both highly rewarding and highly risky. Here is a basic guide to get you started on picking the best performing mutual funds and top performing mutual funds for you.

What are Mutual Funds

Brief primer on what mutual funds are in the first place.

How do Mutual Funds Work

The nuts and bolts of how mutual funds work. Read this before deciding if mutual funds make sense for you.

Types of Mutual Funds

There are so many mutual funds out there that the choices can be daunting. Learn about the different mutual fund types and what they mean.

Mutual Fund Management Fees

Most mutual funds carry management fees. Learn about what an acceptable level is and whether it is better to invest in mutual funds with no management fees.

Exchange Traded Fund

Exchange traded funds is an alternative to mutual funds. Learn more about how they work and whether they may be a better idea for you.

Mutual Fund Investment Advice

Some words on how to choose the best mutual fund for you. You should also first consult with your financial planner before actually making your mutual fund investment.

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