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Asset Protection Information. How to protect your assets. Asset protection strategies and asset protection tools.

A trust is only one of the ways to protect your assets. This page will introduce you to the different asset protection methods available, including trusts, LLCs, prenuptial agreements, estate tax strategies and more.

Read Asset Protection Strategy for an overiew of the most important Asset Protection Strategies you should get acquainted with. Learn about how to protect your assets.

Learn about what a Captive Insurance Company is, their advantages and how they allow businesses and professionals to protect their assets.

Divorces can be a nightmare if you do not have a proper divorce asset protection plan in place. Read about Divorce Asset Protection to see what you can do now, depending on whether your state has a community property law.

Exempt Assets – Which assets are exempt? Find out what is an exempt asset and whether yours qualifies.

Form a Limited Liability Company

Advantages and disadvantages of limited liability companies. What are LLCs and whether you should form them.

Setting up a Trust

How to set up a trust. Legal hurdles you need to overcome. There are several types of trusts: living trust, irrevocable trust, and more. Learn about the different types of trusts, compare different types of trusts and decide on the most strategic one for yourself.

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