Meaning of the Color Pink

Meaning of the color pink. Pink Color Meaning? Love is red and sex is pink. While red denotes hot passion, pink denotes romantic intimacy.

Meaning of Color Pink

Pink combines the vigor of red and the calm of white. Pink is timid and romantic; it suggests a sense of femininity and affection, and a sense of gentleness and intimacy. Occasionally, it may even suggest physical weakness. The universal color of love, pink is the favorite color on Valentine’s Day. In particular, giving a pink carnation to your partner sends the subtle message, ‘I will never forget you’.

Pink is also commonly associated with feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and acceptance.

Pink also carries religious connotations. Pink is the Christian color for the third Sunday of Advent.

Pink Color Meaning

Interestingly, during the time of the Great Depression, pink was associated with boys instead of girls because it was seen as more decided and masculine, while blue was associated with girls because it was seen as more dainty and delicate. This color stereotype was later inverted after World War II.

Pink in Advertisements

How is pink usually used in advertisements? Shades of pink add a soft, delicate and playful layer of meaning. To add strength, use darker shades of pink and its associated colors: burgundy red and purple.

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