Advertising Sales Strategy

Advertising Sales Strategy. Magic words to use with your small business advertising strategy that work particularly well for selling certain products!

According to the Psychology Department at Yale, the 12 most influential words in advertising are: discovery, love, results, free, money, safety, guarantee, new, save, health, proven and you.

Magic words to use in headlines

Depending on your purpose, you might want to use powerful words to elicit various emotional responses. This list, excepted from Dupont’s excellent book, contains the magic words that work particularly well for selling various products.

Words that arouse curiosity: secret, truth, real-life experience, Miracle, magic, prodigy, confidence, confession, bewitching.

Words that imply discounts or special offers: free, bonus, half price, 10% off, end-of-season sale, competition, sale, clearance, save, bargains, reduction, bonus, price special, win, guarantee

Words that prompt customers to act now: for a limited time, last chance, until stocks are exhausted, while supplies last, last week, three days only, just four days, until tomorrow, price good until, last two days, for the last time at this price, offer ends.

Words that suggest practical tips: solution, tip, why, how, here, what is, idea, reason, method, quality, key, objective, strategy, benefit, question, tactic, advice, manner, rule, recipe, principle, means, technique, example

Words that pertain to key moments in life: baby, child, fiancé, engagement, female, spouse, husband, marriage, family, father, mother, friend, people

Words with a sexual connotation: night, love, heart, desire, sex, dear, flower, kiss, dream, seduction

Words that trigger a desire to preserve and protect: grow younger, life, death, fear, war, adventure, crime, progress, freedom, youth, beauty, security

Words that correspond to an ideal: happiness, good fortune, new, special, exceptional, spectacular, discovered, invention, unique, exclusive, hope, happy, comfortable, proud, entertaining, easy

Words that trigger a desire to dominate: money, gold, dollars, million, millionaire, rich, fortune, success, celebrity, power, achievement, glory, victory, honor, triumph

Advertising Sales Strategy: Short Ads

Starch studies show that on a general index of 100, ads of 25 words or less achieve average reading rates of 284, while those of more than 500 words only get a rate of 86. The percentage of readers drops dramatically for ads longer than 50 words.

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