Reduce Stress Tips

Reduce Stress Tips. Best exercises to reduce stress. Methods to reduce stress that work.

Methods to Reduce Stress: Do something different

How to reduce stress? A routine environment may make you feel secure, but it rarely makes you feel good. Doing routine things creates a depressed state that will eventually translate into stress. An excellent way to detoxify your life is to do something new and different everyday. Take a different route to work, eat somewhere else, visit a new website, have something different for your breakfast. Exploring new things constantly is exciting, fun and an excellent way to distress.

Exercises to Reduce Stress: Roll your shoulders

Roll your shoulders back as far as possible, such that your shoulder blades touch. This will help you release tension in your shoulders and neck. Some of your vertebrae may pop; that is a usually a good sign that you are releasing tension.

Methods to Reduce Stress: Exhale all the dead air

On your next exhale, exhale completely such that you empty your lungs entirely. Then, wait for the next breath and fill your lungs entirely – feel the air filling your lower back and diaphragm, middle back, upper back, collar bone and neck. Empty your lungs entirely once again. Repeat this exercise three to four times for best effect.

Tips to reduce stress: Yoga and Meditation

More reduce stress tips? Take up yoga and meditation and make them part of your daily routine. Take your pick depending on how your feel: hatha yoga, bikram yoga, power yoga and kundalini yoga each fit different personalities and different moods best. Every morning upon awakening, spend some time working through a few yoga poses, and engage in deep meditation for at least 10 minutes. You will feel the tremendous shift in energy levels as you work through your day.

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