How to Write Press Release

How to write press release. Writing effective press releases is not difficult – just follow the press release examples and the following important principles.

There is a certain press release format that the following press release templates adhere to. This helps the media filter through the volumes of submissions they receive. Use the press release example in the article below to help you write your first press release.

Writing Effective Press Releases

1. Marketing Objectives

This is the single most important first step. Clarify for yourself and your company exactly want to hope to achieve through this press release campaign. Are you announcing your website, celebrating your anniversary or generating leads for your new product?

2. Message

While you might want to simply market your latest product or service, you might also want to send out slightly controversial messages designed to elicit a specific response.

3. Target audience

Your target audience would probably divide into two main categories: demographics (age, sex, education, income level) and geographic region.

4. Media to target

What kinds of media do you want to advertise in? There are certain types of media that are more effective for specific purposes. While online media would be very appropriate for teenagers and the younger generation aged 18 to 30, the older generation might prefer the more traditional media; TV, radio, newspaper.

5. Desired response

What is the desired action you want your target audience to take? Call a number, buy a product, attend an event, visit your store, visit your website, click through to your website? For PR campaigns for small business websites, the most common desired response is probably to get a click through to your website.

6. Budget

How much can you afford for the PR campaign? This will determine the types of media that you should consider, and the duration of your PR campaign.

How to write press release

Do you know that more than half of all news is generated by non-news sources? This means that more than half of what you regularly see or read in the media has arrived from non-media sources; these other sources may be business owners, politicians, salespeople, marketers – someone who realizes the tremendous power of the media.

Example of Press Release

These examples of press releases will provide you with the standard format and template you should get acquainted with.

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