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Effective Press Release Tricks

Here are some powerful press release tricks suggested by Stephenson:

It all lies in the headline

Be creative and write about an event, news, information or a story that is unique and that does not happen every day. Your headline should stand out from the crowd so as to secure you valuable exposure. Here’s the trick: what you decide is news does not have to necessarily be groundbreaking! You just have to make it seem to be so, but looking for a new way to get the information across or by putting a new twist to an old story

Be Objective

Be objective about the information to be included, read it from the perspective of the media’s target audience. How will knowing this information benefit them? People will only read, watch or listen to information that helps them in some way or interests them. Think in terms of mass appeal – the more people would be interested in what is included in your press release, the more likely you will get media exposure.

Include supporting information

This may be a tip or fact sheet in bullet format that lists the highlights of your news, or photographs and illustrations that help to paint a more complete picture.

Target the right media

Make sure that your information is relevant to that media’s target audience. Make sure you also know who your information should be sent to when complete.

Think about two separate but equal calls to action

The media: go out of the way to let the media know what you would like them to do next: call, visit your website or drop by your booth at your next trade show? If you have sufficient clout, you can even dangle a carrot: future ideas, stories and feature that you will share in future news partnerships, or even an exclusive story option.

The other equally important call to action is your audience. In your text message, make sure you are clear about what you want your audience to do next.

Free Optimized Press Release Services

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