Effective Use of Public Relations

Effective use of public relations. Public relations does not just involve the media. The most successful public relations campaigns make use of a broad range of strategies.

Public Relations Strategies


The media is the most publicized use of public relations. Through print and broadcast media exposure, you will be able to gain access to a broad audience and send your marketing message across.


Beyond the media, there are also several other equally effective forms of public relations. The immediate community your business operates in is one good example. Join related business associations, help with local charities and participate in several community efforts. The point is to create awareness of your business, so people know who to look for when the need arises.


The government can also be an important and effective form of public relations. If your business helps address community issues in some way, local officials might sometimes willingly give you free publicity. And if you offer any form of office or business supply, the government can easily become one of your best clients.


Finally, word-of-mouth buzz is the traditional way to spread word of your business. Through newsletters and special events, you can generate buzz about your business and encourage your immediate circle of employees, friends and family to publicize your business for you. This usually results in highly-targeted customers with high conversion rates.

Public Relations Tips

Here are a few more nonconventional methods that help you make effective use of public relations:

Civic marketing

This is an increasingly powerful way of getting new business. Offer your services for free so others would be tempted to try out your product; repeat customers and word-of-mouth buzz will do the rest.

Volunteer to write a column

Approach the local newspaper and offer to write a column for free on your area of expertise

Volunteer to speak

Volunteer to speak to local business, civic or educational groups. Simply speak about your area of expertise; do not attempt to sell anything. Your aim should be to simply establish credibility and create sufficient interest that people will naturally want to find out more about you.

Join local organizations

Join industry associations and other local organizations to make sure your name gets heard in the right circles

Donate to charitable causes

Sponsor a team or donate to some local cause.

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