Media Interview Coaching

Media Interview Coaching. You don’t want to appear in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Guide to preparing for your media interview.

Media Interview Skills

As Stephenson notes, what are the most important tips:

Ask about the Deadline

Should a reporter call, first ask what about the deadline for the story and the types of question they would be asking or the information they would like to have. If the deadline is not urgent, ask if you can call back once you have prepared for the interview based on the information they want. Most media personnel will be happy to give you some time to prepare for the interview so it is always worth it to ask first.

Ask about the time allocated

Before the interview, first ask the reporter how much the information has allowed you know how much time you have to cover the most important areas. Do not get sidetracked on secondary issues and instead miss out on the most important messages you want to convey.

When you get stumped

If you do not fully understand a question that you are asked or are unsure where the questioning is leading, then give yourself time to mentally prepare for a response by restating the question back to the reporter for clarification. Or simply ask the interviewer to reword the question.

Positive and Upbeat throughout

Stay positive and upbeat throughout the interview; if you come across as angry, upset, combative or disappointed, the published interview, feature or article will likely have the same tone, voice and message.

Summarize at the start and end

Prepare a quick summary or review of the main points or messages you wish to put across both at the beginning and the end of the interview. This ensures there will be no miscommunication.

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