Hair Loss and Stress

Hair Loss and Stress. And other common causes of Hair Loss. Facts about Hair Loss that you must know.

Facts about Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss. Here are only some of them:

Stress and Hair Loss

Emotional imbalances and stress can be a factor in hair loss, but it is arguably one of the less important ones. Stress leads to hormonal imbalances, which can create temporary hair problems, but stress in itself does not cause significant hair loss problems. Stress may in fact be a symptom of a more severe underlying hair loss problem:

Nonscarring Alopecia or Alopecia Areata

This hair condition results in hair loss where the hair follicle is still in place, and thus can grow back.

Scarring Alopecia or Pseudopelad

In this hair condition, the hair follicle is destroyed, hence leading to permanent loss of hair.

Androgenetic Alopecia

This is a common hair condition leading to baldness in men.


This is an autoimmune disorder which leads to chronic inflammation. While this mainly affects the skin, it can also significantly affect hair growth.


This is the scientific name for the impulse-control disorder seen in people who tend to pull out their own hair in frustration.


This is a disorder inherited from birth. It leads the body to absorb and store excessive amounts of iron, thereby damaging many organs in the body. Hair is similarly damaged as a result.

Traction Alopecia

This type of hair loss results from unintentionally pulling on hair. Usually, this condition appears in those who style their hair too tightly.

Most Common Type of Hair Loss

The most common type of hair loss is also known as male pattern baldness. In men, this usually develops in a horseshoe pattern, with hair receding from the forehead, then gradually toward the neck. For some men, it starts from the center of the scalp and branches out toward the sides.

Female pattern baldness is similar, except that it tends to be more diffuse, taking place all over the scalp.

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