Websites like eBay

Websites like eBay that are cheaper to use. eBay Alternatives and all online auctions not ebay.

eBay Alternative: Bidville

Bidville is a nice alternative to eBay. There are no listing fees. Bidville instead takes a percentage of your closing fee – 5 percent for items below $25, with progressively higher rates for higher prices.

eBay Alternative: Overstock

Overstock is yet another one of the auction sites like eBay. Many name brands are available at almost wholesale prices on this alternative to eBay.

eBay Alternative: Online Auction

This is an interesting alternative to eBay that offers free unlimited listings and no final value fees. Instead, this site charges a monthly membership fee. At charges of $8 a month, Online Auction is a good choice if you sell regularly.

eBay Alternative: Amazon Marketplace

The main difference between Amazon and eBay is that with Amazon, there are no auctions, and you list items that are already on sale. That means that all you have to do is specify the condition of your item and set a price you are willing to sell it for. When users search for the item on Amazon, they will also see your listed item. There is no auction force at work here; the buyer will simply buy from the seller who lists the lowest price.

With Amazon, you do not need to worry about entering product descriptions or taking photos. Amazon also does not charge any listing fee; it only takes a percentage of the closing fee as commission (rates depend on the type of item).

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