Benefits of Yogurt

Benefits of Yogurt. All about yogurt health benefits, what is yogurt and how is yogurt made. Yogurt is a health superfood that has numerous health benefits.

What is Yogurt

What is yogurt? Yogurt is also known as curdled milk, a delicious food made from the natural fermentation of milk. Yogurt is served in many variations: as it is, mixed with fruit, blended into a smoothie with other ingredients, used in cooking as a substitute for milk and cheese, served with meat and sauces.

How is Yogurt Made

Yogurt is made from milk – most commonly that from a cow. Pasteurized and homogenized milk is inoculated with bacteria cultures and kept warm as the lactose becomes lactic acid. This process of curdling milk thickens the yogurt and gives it its characteristic flavor.

Health benefits of Yogurt

Reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer

The probiotics in yogurt neutralize mutagens that cause cancer. These probiotics stimulate the immune system and promote immmunoglobin production, thus encouraging the growth of good bacteria while inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria. Probiotics limit the growth of intestinal microflora that promote the development of cancer.

Reduces Cholesterol

Yogurt lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The probiotics in yogurt also reduce bile acids, thus decreasing the absorption of cholesterol from the intestinal tract and reducing cholesterol levels.

Alleviates diarrhea

As yogurt stimulates the immune system and stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, the proliferation of beneficial microflora in the digestive tract will have alleviate diarrhea.

Weight control

Calcium-rich foods such as yogurt are particularly helpful in weight-control. Consuming dairy foods helps you maintain a healthy high-protein and high-calcium diet while lowering your fat intake.

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