How to Create an EBook

How to create an ebook. Create ebook free using other people’s time and ideas with this powerful method.

Thinking of creating an ebook but you simply hate to write? Here are some excellent strategies suggested by Joe Vitale; they all allow you to tap on other people’s ideas and essentially get others to write your ebook for you.

Create EBook Free Idea 1

How to create an Ebook? Ask for specific pieces of information – send an email to a group of people asking them for one specific piece of information, such as tips for writing classified ads.

Create an EBook Idea 2

Do multiple interviews – email a group of people and ask them to answer a short list of questions.

Do a full interview – send an email to one person asking him to answer a long list of predetermined questions

Record a long, one-on-on conversation – Then have it transcribed into your ebook

And other variants: record multiple short conversations, or even a group conversation.

Create EBook Free Idea 3

Hold a seminar – Invite a few experts to come together and speak about a related subject. Record the entire seminar and transcribe the best portions

Create an EBook Idea 4

Request original articles – Ask several writers to each write short, original articles about specific subjects; offer incentives.

Create EBook Free Idea 5

Ask for recommended resources from others – the best sites, favorite blogs, and so on. People will be interested in lists such as the books which the most famous people read, the blogs which the most successful people read regularly, and so on.

Create an EBook Idea 6

Get excerpts from other people’s writing – message boards, forums, newsgroups, email discussion lists, websites, ezines, videos, e-books, membership sites, magazines, books. If you are too lazy to synthesize the content entirely in your own words, email the owners and request to include their excerpts in your e-book as it is.

Create EBook Free Idea 7

Profiles – do profiles of humans or websites. There are those who love the free publicity this generates. Related idea: you can do profiles of the most successful bloggers online. This ego-boosting

Create an EBook Idea 8

Request samples – similarly, you could request sample press releases, sample resumes, sample newsletters. Many people are more than willing to share.

Create EBook Free Idea 9

Create a directory – I found this idea by Vitale pretty intriguing. Create an e-book directory of resources – for example, places where you can practice yoga and purchase yoga related equipment. Create a simple template that others could use, with details such as brief description, contact, and so on.

Create an EBook Idea 10

Unpublished manuscripts – Unpublished manuscripts are another good source of content. Offer to sell these unpublished manuscripts in e-book format; you would then be listed as the coauthor or copublisher.

How to create an Ebook? I hope these ideas have radically changed the way you see the writing of Ebooks. You can create value, and it does not have to be a long and arduous process!

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