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Biography on Donald Trump

Donald Trump Biography. Read the biography of Donald Trump the billionaire and his rise to riches.

Born in 1946, Donald Trump is a real estate developer, author, producer and socialite. He owns several large entities, including Trump Organization and Trump Entertainment Resorts. The fourth child of Fred Trump, Donald Trump followed in his father’s footsteps upon graduation from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business (Fred Trump was a wealthy real estate developer in New York City). Trump majored in Economics with a concentration in Finance.

Upon joining Trump Organization, Trump learnt quickly on the job and was able to capitalize on the opportunities in the city then. As the New York City government was financially strapped, Trump was able to obtain tax concessions for many of his investments, most notably his investment in Commodore Hotel, now the prominent Grand Hyatt.

Biography on Donald Trump the Media Personality

Trump has always leveraged the media well both for his personal and business career. With Trump’s attempt to take over the New York City government’s Wollman Rink project, he garnered significant local media attention to spotlight the government’s inability to complete the project and his organization’s expertise. Upon taking over the project, Trump completed the job in six months.

Donald Trump Bio: Entering Bankruptcy

But not all was smooth-sailing for Donald Trump. As you will read further in Donald Trump Bankruptcy, Trump failed to meet loan payments in the late 1980s and went into business bankruptcy.

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Trump has developed such a reputation in Manhattan that the ‘Trump’ brand became extremely valuable and a symbol of class. Trump kept afloat with his ‘Acreage Aces’: Trump World Tower (Address: 845 United Nations Plaza), Trump Tower (Address: 725 Fifth Ave), AXA Financial Center (Address: 1290 Avenue of the Americas), The Trump Building (Address: 40 Wall Street), 555 California Street (San Francisco), Trump Park Avenue, Mar-A-Lago (Palm Beach, Florida) and more.

He has also taken to writing books and developing wealth programs such as the Trump University program as an auxillary source of income. End: Donald Trump Biography.

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