Make Money from Online Business

Make Money from Online Business: Why the Internet is the way to go – A guide to the online Internet business opportunity available.

Why online business?

According to Forrester Research, online US retail sales will hit $329 billion by 2010. Contrary to popular wisdom, the internet has actually significantly reduced the costs and risks of starting a business.

Graduate from corporate America: Instead of being an employee of corporate America, graduate from it! Become an internet entrepreneur – you can build a million-dollar internet business with minimal risk. America’s greatest competitive advantage is entrepreneurship.

Online Internet Business Opportunity: Moore’s Law

Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, predicted that the number of transistors that could be included on a computer chip’s integrated circuit will double every eighteen to twenty-four months. That means that processor speeds will double every two years. Moore predicted this in 1965 – a visionary prediction that has held through for decades.

This level of dynamic growth applies similarly to online business. Internet services will become increasingly readily available, at higher speeds and lower costs. That means lower costs for both the business owner and the consumer – so the Internet is really the best place for business.

Make money from online business

Here’s why you can make more money online than ever before:

Online Internet Business Opportunity: Worldwide audience

Because of the global nature of the Internet, your audience is truly international. You can reach audiences in even the most remote places, without your physical presence at all!

Online Internet Business Opportunity: Make money round the clock

Your website or Internet storefront will never stop making money for you hour after hour, as there are Internet users across all the different time zones. You can literally make money as you sleep!

Online Internet Business Opportunity: No printing and publishing costs

If you were to change your prices or wish to update your store design, all you have to do is to make the changes on the computer and re-upload the files. Imagine trying to do the same thing with a physical store!

Advertising online is also much cheaper, and possibly much more effective, as you have the ability to reach audiences from around the world.

Online Internet Business Opportunity: Much lower fixed costs (No more rental costs!)

All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. You do not need to rent any office space or buy expensive office equipment; neither do you need to spend money physically hiring employees.

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