Save Money on Food

Save money on food: this variable expense can add up quickly if you are not careful. Save money on groceries and save money on grocery shopping! The budget advice here contains the most important and cost-effective tips (no, you do not need to starve).

Number 1 strategy to save money on Food

The best way to save money on groceries: Realize the impact of each decision you make. What is the impact of snacking on an extra packet of chips a day? What is the impact of drinking an extra bottle of Coke every day?

Simply multiply your extra spending per day by 30 – to get a monthly figure, and then by 12 to get a yearly figure. This simple tip will help you become more conscious of each buying decision. The key is not to become a miser, but to make sure you only spend on what you really need.

Save money on groceries

Save money on grocery shopping

  1. Buy fruits and vegetables at your local market – usually much fresher as well
  2. Do late night grocery shopping – that’s when the supermarkets have the most reduced items
  3. Consider packed lunches – much more economical, and possibly much more healthy, if you tend to end up eating fast-food
  4. Try not to snack between meals – as mentioned, those fries can add up quickly, both in your pocket and in your tummy.
  5. Use vegetable cooking water for your gravy – this preserves the vitamins as well
  6. Bake your own bread – fun once you learn how to!
  7. Never fill your fridge – half-full is best, as a full fridge is inefficient in cooling food and consumes much more energy
  8. Make use of food cooperatives – buy food weekly, and all at once
  9. Cook a little extra – this always helps when you’re too lazy to cook and would end up with expensive takeaways instead

Save money on groceries and save money on grocery shopping – the savings add up quickly!

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