Examples of Typography

Examples of Typography. Best typography styles, typography examples and what they mean.

Typography Styles

As Dupont notes, selecting a typeface has many important connotations. Here are the common typography styles and their connotations:

Bold Typography Style

Bold typefaces imply strength. Best used for headings, bold styles work best on single words or short phrases. Bold passages suffer from low readability.

Right Slant Typography Style

Typefaces that slant to the right are seen as being dynamic.

Left Leaning Typography Style

Typefaces that lean to the left are emotive, and usually seen as being filled with restraint

Slender Typography Style

Slender typefaces create a sense of loftiness and poise.

Slim Typography Style

Slim typefaces create the impression of distinction, refinement and nobility. They create a sense of class and character.

Cursive Typography Style

Cursives convey a sense of energy; it is sensational and imperative. Again, cursives should not be used for long sentences due to their lack of readability. Cursives are meant to be savored letter by letter, single-word cursives usually work best.

Examples of Typography

Here are examples of specific serifs and their effects on the reader. Serifs refer to the way the strokes of a letter end on its baseline.

Typography Example: Antique characters

Also known as san serifs (French for without serifs), antique characters are best suited for creating a contemporary look. However, it is difficult to read. It is cool, detached and best suited to titles.

Typography Example: Egyptian characters

Also known as characters with rectangular serifs, egyptian characters are attractive and seductive; it carries weight and a certain heaviness that is appropriate for some types of advertising.

Typography Example: Didot characters

Also known as characters with crisp, horizontal serifs, Didot characters are rational, logical, dry and often used to announce important events. They have a relatively strict and austere appearance.

Typography Example: Elzevir characters

Also known as characters with slanted serifs, Elzevir characters are perfect for ad copy. They are beautiful and synonymous with culture, refinement, distinction and nobility.

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