Time Management for Students

Time Management for Students. All-nighters just before major tests, last minute term papers – the scenarios are all too common. How do you, as a student, manage your time well?

Time Management Tips for Students 1: Maintain high energy levels

More often than not, it is the sluggish, tired feeling that leads you to want to put off doing what is really important. You will spend just a while longer posting on someone else’s Wall on Facebook, or stay just a little longer on your MSN chat to ‘finish the conversation’ – instead of doing what really needs to be done.

Time Management Tips for Students 2: Maximize your mental energy

Drink water constantly – The more hydrated you are, the better your body is able to flush away toxins and maintain the optimal nutritional balance. Frequent water intake will increase your energy levels and help you avoid food cravings.

Avoid refined carbohydrates – Sugars spikes your energy levels and give you a short-term energy boost, followed by a dreaded lull in energy immediately after. Instead, go for whole grain products, fruits and vegetables ? these foods are slow-release and will boost your energy for the long term.

Time Management Tips for Students 3: Sleep at least seven hours a day

Regardless of how ‘busy’ you are, you must aim to sleep at least seven hours a day. There is no substitute for good sleep; it is the most important way your body and mind refreshes itself. Sometimes, an additional 20-minute nap in the afternoon will also be helpful. This helps stave away the afternoon-tiredness that tends to set in at around 3pm.

Time Management Tips for Students 4: Schedule your breaks

Always schedule your breaks: are you working or are you not? Create fixed times each day for relaxation, and stick to them! That means that if you are supposed to be studying or writing a paper, you do only that – do not have your Messenger on, do not spend half the time texting your friends.

Time Management for Students Tip 5: Study in the Library

Study in the library – it is much more effective than studying in your dorm room. Your dorm room has too many distractions: the TV, AOL, friends knocking on your door. While the library is less convenient, that is actually an advantage. It forces you to make sure you don’t waste your trip to the library – you will therefore make better use of your time there.

Time Management for Students Tip 6: Study Early

While some students might claim to work better at night, that might be because they have not even tried waking early in the morning! More often that not, it is more effective to study early. That is when your mind is the most alert and least distracted.

Special tip on time management for students: Nonetheless, a pre-study routine would be helpful if you feel that you tend to wake up tired. Exercise for half an hour and take a shower before you begin your study session. Once this becomes a habit, you will be surprised by how much more effective you will become.

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