Non Comedogenic Skin Care

Non Comedogenic Skin Care. How Non Comedogenic Soap and Non Comedogenic Products work.

Non Comedogenic Products

Also known as non occlusive products, products labeled ‘Non-Comedogenic’ have been designed such that they will not clog the pores; clogging leads to the formation of blackheads (technically known as ‘comedone’).

Products that you apply without rinsing with water should carry this label – that is, all refreshing lotions and moisturizers you use should be non comedogenic.

Non Comedogenic Soap

Examples of non comedogenic soaps include Pears Transparent Soap and the Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser. However, do note that a person with very oily skin might still have allergic reactions to otherwise non comedogenic products for a person with less oily skin.

Decoding Skin Product Labels

Here is a list of the other common terms you will find on skin products and what they actually mean.

Hypo-Allergenic / Dermatologically Tested

Hypo-Allergenic or dermatologically tested products have been tested to significantly reduce the risk of skin irritation or allergenic reactions. That means that common irritants such as alcohol, perfume and lanolin have not been included.


Glycolipids are skin conditioning ingredients that help hydrate the skin so they better retain moisture. This results in smoother skin with less visible wrinkles and lines.

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