Law of Detachment

Law of Detachment. The Art of Letting Go – and why that will move you faster toward your goals.

Detachment is the one spiritual law that I took a long time to grasp. This is the case for many other people as well. Most of us become so hung up on exactly what we want that we begin to radiate the wrong frequency.

The law of attraction matches similar vibrational frequencies with one another. If you need money desperately, your desire for money may change to the frequency of you needing money, and that is exactly what you will manifest: needing money!

The more you learn to let go, the more you will get what you want. Liken this to you planting a seed. When you create your intention and send your desire to the universe, you plant a seed. But if you get hung up on the results and keep stirring the soil, the seed will never have a chance to grow.

Get what you want by wanting what you get

Trust the universe. If you hold the faith that everything that comes your way – on the surface good or bad – moves you one step closer, then it will indeed move you one step closer. Even if it seems to be a negative experience, ask yourself the million dollar question, ‘How can I turn this into something good?’

Bob Proctor and the Law of Detachment

Your answer to this powerful question will make sure you are always on track to the success you desire. As Bob Proctor said, ‘Everything that happens in your life is moving you in the direction of your goals.’ When you learn to let go and focus always on how to turn whatever the universe hands you into something good, you will have mastered the secret to success.

Joe Vitale and Why Let Go

As Joe Vitale says, ‘You must let go of your attachment to success to attract success… The ultimate secret to attracting whatever you want is to want it without needing it.’

Deepak Chopra and the Law of Detachment

Or as Deepak Chopra noted, ‘Intention is not simply a whim. It requires attention, and it also requires detachment. Once you have created the intention mindfully, you must be able to detach from the outcome, and let the universe handle the details of fulfillment.’

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