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George Lucas Bio

Born to Dorothy Lucas and George Lucas, Sr., George Lucas, Jr. was initially very interested in race car driving; however, this was quickly changed when he had a serious accident in high school.

Lucas started attending a junior college, then later transferred into the University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts. As one of the first schools to offer instruction in motion picture filmmaking, USC attracted top film talents from across the country.

At an internship with Warner Brothers, George Lucas met Coppola and co-founded American Zoetrope, a studio. He then filmed Star Wars and waived his fees as Director in exchange for licensing rights. This smart decision made Lucas hundreds of millions later.

Life of George Lucas continued

But his relationsip with Coppola broke down, and Lucas instead started his own studio, Lucasfilm, in Marin County. Lucasfilm had as one-third of its company The Graphics Group, a high-tech animated film studio that was later renamed Pixar.

George Lucas sold Pixar to Steve Jobs, who bought the company for $5 million and put in $5 million of his own capital after he was fired from his own company.

The lifetime revenue generated by Star Wars stands at almost $20 billion.

George Lucas Autobiography

There is no official autobiography of George Lucas, though George Lucas (A & E Biography) by Dana White is an unauthorized biography of the filmmaker.

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