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Steve Paul Jobs

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How Steve Paul Jobs rose to billionaire status despite his humble beginnings. His transformative experiences with Apple and Pixar, his leadership and his ideas.

Steve Jobs Net Worth

Steven P Jobs’ networth is approximately 3.4 billion as of 2009, according to Forbes. Nonetheless, as with several other billionaires, his salary at Apple is $1. In November 2007, Fortune Magazine named Jobs the most powerful person in business.

Steve Jobs currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc and Board of Directors of Walt Disney Company.

Steve Jobs Email

Steven P Jobs can be contacted at two emails: [email protected] or [email protected] The only problem is that you are not the only one trying to email Steve Jobs – getting through the email filters will be difficult.

Read the Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address, one of the best commencement addresses that have been delivered and now widely distributed across the Internet.

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