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Donald Trump Quotes on Success

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I believe in success.

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Failure to me is just not being on top, it’s just not being there. And you know, it’s something I don’t exactly cherish.

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I have an unlimited appetite for pain. That’s a secret to my success. I just can’t give up.

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If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, you have to go through that wall. You can’t give up. And you have to love what you’re doing or you’ll never be good at it.

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You can’t give up. You are going to have times when you feel there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I had times like that and I had a choice: I could sit in the corner with my thumb in my mouth, or I could fight. My advice to you is: Punch like hell and don’t take no for an answer

Donald Trump Quotes

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The point is that things can turn around, and they can turn very rapidly around.
Pressure doesn’t upset my sleep. I like throwing balls into the air – and I dream like a baby.

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Vision is my best asset. I know what sells and I know what people want.

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I have no regrets. I really have none. I have had an incredible life, I have learned a lot. I probably learned more during my downtime, during my bad time, financially, than I ever learned before.

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I’m always looking for more excitement in life. I look at life as one time – here we are, it’s a one-time go-around. I’m always looking for more excitement.

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I was a great genius in the ’80s. Then I was a great moron in the early ’90s. That’s probably why I bought this pageant – so I could get a date. Now they call me a genius again. It’s great.

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A lot of friends of mine went bankrupt, which I never did, and you never heard from them again – they’re gone. I fought back, and now my company is many times bigger than it was in the early ’90s or ’80s. I guess I just learned that I could handle pressure, and some people just can’t. I mean, I owed 9.2 billion and I was in deep trouble, and friends of mine who weren’t in nearly as much trouble as I was failed.
(Trump on what he learnt when he was down in the 1990s)

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