How to Destress

How to destress? Most effective ways to distress. Stress is a pervasive problem that affects every level of your state of being.

When you feel stressed, your mind does not seem to function as effectively, you feel ill even when you are not; and if stress accumulates over time, your body will start to develop actual physical symptoms that reflect your state of dis-ease.

Ways to Destress

Here are some important tips:

Way to Destress: Laugh

Laughter is really the best medicine. Here’s why: it is impossible for you to both laugh and feel stressed at the same time. Recall the most hilarious thing that you have ever seen, flip through your Calvin & Hobbes calendar, watch that comedy you borrowed from the library a while ago. A belly laugh, a genuine laugh, will help you at least stop the accumulation of stress and potentially reverse the effects of stress.

Way to Destress: Daydream

The difference between unproductive daydreaming and productive daydreaming is this: productive daydreaming has a unifying purpose. What do I mean? Focus on the goal you most want to achieve right now. Then sit in a comfortable position and allow your mind to wander – think about all the details in your life that will materialize when you achieve that goal. Who would you be, what would you be doing, what would you have when you achieve that goal?

Visualize yourself in the highest possible state of achievement, and flood yourself with that powerful feeling of accomplishment. The ten minutes you spend ‘day-dreaming’ will be the best ten minutes you will have spent today.

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