Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Exterior Paint Color Combinations and Interior Paint Color Combinations. Best color combinations and what they mean.

Best Color Combinations

Women tend to prefer blue over red; while men tend to prefer blue more than green. The young prefer pure and dazzling colors like red and yellow, while the elderly prefer softer hues and darker, less intense colors.

The less educated prefer intense colors such as red and orange; while the more cultured prefer cool, soft hues and shades.

Ranking of the most popular colors

As Eysenk concluded, here are the most popular colors, ranked in descending order:
Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow.

Color Wheel Combinations

As Dupont suggests in his excellent book, here are the most popular color combinations and what they mean:

Red and white – Sense of cleanliness and healthiness

Blue and white – Sense of freshness and healthiness, this evokes a cheerful temperament.

Green and blue – This suggests restfulness, freshness and nature

White and black – Sense of rigor and good taste

Yellow, red, blue – Symbolizes joy and animation

Yellow, red, orange, green and brown – Sense of thrift and escape.

Red and Yellow – Desire to conquer, desire for novelty.

Red and Green – Desire for self-affirmation, security and authority. This creates an impression and strength and solidity for maintenance products.

Red and Blue – Desire for conquest, desire for intimate and erotic contact. Well suited to the packaging of beauty products.

Red and black – Pent-up excitement ready to take the form of negative impulses; ever wondered why the devil appears in red and black?

Yellow and blue – Dynamic and lively, this color suggestions speed and energy.

Blue and pink – This color combination stimulates the consumer’s maternal instincts and protective feelings, and is well suited to beauty and baby products.

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